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My '7' Essential Indian Spices ​

Jayne's Masala Dabba

Cardamon Seeds.... anti-oxidant and disease preventative with health promoting properties promotes an antiseptic medicine into the inner body

Coriander Seeds....healing spice, with anti inflammatory properties with abilities to lower cholesterol levels.  A member of the parsley family

Garam Masala.... is a hot spice mix, which is derived from different regions in India and provides a foundation to the healing of the digestive system

Cumin the words healthiest seed, providing the body with iron and very beneficial to the digestive system and full of flavor

Cloves....they provide a warm and sweet aromatic taste, and have properties of prevention of toxicity from environmental pollutants

Turmeric....Indian medicine used as a whole body cleansing to improve the digestive system with anti inflammatory properties

Chili powder....fabulous intake of vitamin A, and enhances the presence of vitamin C, builds up your immune system with great maintenance of your eye sight, skin,teeth

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